BSPS-Forum Event: Parallel Universes

Fay Dowker, Eleanor Knox and Simon Saunders

Is Schrödinger’s cat alive or dead? This thought experiment was devised to illustrate a fundamental puzzle in quantum mechanics. A radical solution is that the cat is both alive and dead, but in different, parallel universes. This is the ‘many-worlds interpretation’ of quantum mechanics and our panel of philosophers and physicists will discuss why it is controversial and its strange consequences.

This panel lecture features Fay Dowker (Professor of Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London), Eleanor Knox (Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, King’s College London), and Simon Saunders (Professor of Philosophy of Physics, University of Oxford). It is chaired by Jonathan Birch, a Fellow of the Forum for Philosophy and Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at LSE.

The event was held in collaboration with Forum for Philosophy. For more details or to download a podcast, visit the event webpage.