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Symposia at the BSPS 2019 Annual Conference in Durham

Submission is now open for proposals for symposia to be presented at the BSPS 2019 Annual Conference in Durham on July 17th-19th 2019. The deadline for submitting symposium proposals is January 4th, 2019. Overview A symposium should involve several presenters, typically 3-4, organised around a topic of interest. Symposia may be on any topic in the […]

Registration Open for 2017 BSPS Conference in Edinburgh

Registration is now open for the BSPS conference in Edinburgh:   The Early Bird (discounted) registration deadline is 2 June 2017, and the final registration deadline is 30 June 2017. More information is available on the Conference Webpage. We look forward to seeing you there.

BSPS Video Lecture: Karim Thébault (Bristol), “Cosmic Singularity Resolution via Quantum Evolution”

Classical models of the universe generically feature a big bang singularity. That is, when we consider progressively earlier and earlier times, physical quantities stop behaving in a reasonable way. A particular problem is that physical quantities related to the curvature of spacetime become divergent. A long standing hope is that a theory of quantum gravity […]

2016-2017 Upcoming Lectures

We are pleased to announce the new lecture series for 2016-2017 associated with the Ordinary Meetings of the BSPS. Lectures take place from 5:15-6:45pm in Room 2.06 of the Lakatos Building at LSE in central London. Each lecture is preceded by tea at 5pm. This year’s speakers are: 10 October 2016, Wendy Parker “Scientific Modelling and […]

Cardiff Conference Registration

Conference registration is available for the 2016 BSPS annual conference, which will take place at Cardiff University. Members of the BSPS are invited to register and/or purchase inexpensive accommodation for the conference at the host university website.