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The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science is published for the Society by University of Chicago Press. Founded in 1950, it is one of the leading international journals in the philosophy of science. It has a current Impact Factor of 3.978 (and a 5-year impact factor of 3.433), making the highest cited journal in the field. More editorial statistics can be found here.

Each issue features an Editors’ Choice article, available to download for free, and every year the BSPS Committee, in consultation with the Editors, choose a paper for the prestigious BJPS Popper Prize, which is also made available to download for free.

In addition, the journal publishes themed collections on topics of particular interest, such as the work of T. S. Kuhn or the philosophy of cognitive science. The journal has two sister sites: the BJPS Review of Books, which publishes reviews of recent philosophy of science books, and BJPS Short Reads, which features short essays based on BJPS articles. It also has a blog, Auxiliary Hypotheses, which features new work in the field, publishing advice, and news about the journal.

Instructions for how to submit papers can be found here. For all other matters, email us here.



Wendy Parker

Wendy Parker


Professor of Philosophy
(Virginia Tech)

Robert Rupert

Robert Rupert


Professor of Philosophy
(University of Colorado at Boulder)

Deputy Editor

Elizabeth Hannon (LSE)


Previous Deputy Editors

Craig Callander (1997–1998)
Katherine Hawley (1999–2001)
James Ladyman (1997–1998)
Stathis Psillos (1995–1998)

Previous Assistant Editors

Sandrine Berges (2000)
Raffaella Campaner (2001)
Richard Corner (1997–1998)
V Gladman (1992–1993)
Patrick Greenough (1999)
Colin Howson (1971–1978)
James Ladyman (1995–1997)
J Tapdrup (1992)
Stuart Presnell (2006–2011)
Stathis Psillos (1995–1997)
John Worrall (1971–1973)
Elie Zahar (1971–1978)

Associate Editors

Pierrick Bourrat (Macquarie University)
Cameron Buckner (University of Houston)
Shane N. Glackin (University of Exeter)
Nick Huggett (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Liz Irvine (Cardiff University)
Mary Leng (University of York)
Peter J. Lewis (Dartmouth College)
Alyssa Ney (University of California, Davis)
Cédric Paternotte (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
Anya Plutynski (Washington University, St. Louis)
Juha Saatsi (University of Leeds)
Daniel Steel (University of British Columbia)
H. Orri Stefánsson (Stockholm University)
Paul Weirich (University of Missouri)

Previous Editor(s)-in-Chief

A C Crombie (1950–1955)
J O Wisdom (1956–1964)
Mary Hesse (1965–1968)
Mary Hesse & D H Mellor (1969)
D H Mellor (1970–1971)
Imre Lakatos (1971–1973)
John Wakins & John Worrall (1974–1979)
John Worrall (1980–1982)
Donald Gillies (1982–1985)
G M K Hunt (1986–1993)
David Papineau (1993–1998)
Peter Clark (1999–2006)
Alexander Bird & James Ladyman (2006–2010)
Steven French & Michela Massimi (2011–2016)
Steven French & Wendy Parker (2016–2020)

Previous Associate Editors

Jonathan Birch (2019–2021)
Guido Bacciagaluppi (2012–2017)
Helen Beebee (2012–2015)
Lara Buchak (2015–2018)
Ellen Clarke (2015–2021)
Roman Frigg (2011–2016)
Katherine Hawley (2000–2011)
Eleanor Knox (2016–2017)
Marc Lange (2010–2014)
Robert Rupert (2015–2020)
Marcel Weber (2010–2015)
Daniel Weiskopf (2013–2021)
Christian Wüthrich (2017–2021)

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