BJPS Review of Books

Jill North, Physics, Structure, and Reality // Reviewed by Caspar Jacobs

Caspar Jacobs reviews Physics, Structure, and Reality, by Jill North

Collin Rice, Leveraging Distortions // Reviewed by William D’Alessandro

William D’Alessandro reviews Leveraging Distortions, by Collin Rice

John D Norton, The Material Theory of Induction // Reviewed by William Peden

William Peden reviews The Material Theory of Induction, by John D Norton

Andreas Hüttemann, A Minimal Metaphysics for Scientific Practice // Reviewed by Steven French

Steven French reviews A Minimal Metaphysics for Scientific Practice, by Andreas Hüttemann

Ankeny and Leonelli, Model Organisms // Reviewed by Jessica Bolker

Jessica Bolker reviews Model Organisms, by Rachel A Ankeny and Sabina Leonelli

K Brad Wray, Kuhn’s Intellectual Path // Reviewed by Howard Sankey

Howard Sankey reviews Kuhn’s Intellectual Path, by K Brad Wray

Georges Rey, Representation of Language// Reviewed by Gabe Dupre

Gabe Dupre reviews Representation of Language, by Georges Rey

Frigg and Nguyen, Modelling Nature// Reviewed by José Díez

José Díez reviews Modelling Nature, by Roman Frigg and James Nguyen

Giuseppe Primiero, On the Foundations of Computing// Reviewed by John Symons and Syed Abumusab

John Symons and Syed Abumusab review On the Foundations of Computing, by Giuseppe Primiero

Kendler and Zachar, Towards a Philosophical Approach to Psychiatry// Reviewed by Murphy and Pereira

Matteo Colombo reviews Neurocognitive Mechanisms by Gualtiero Piccinini