BJPS articles, but shorter

Models of Scientific Explanation and Inference to the Best Explanation | Yunus Prasetya

Yunus Prasetya on what substantive accounts of explanation say about IBE

Digital Humanities and the Philosophy of Science | Lean, Rivelli, Pence

Oliver Lean, Luca Rivelli, and Charles Pence on what philosophers learn from a ‘distant reading’ of science journals

Against Authorship | Josh Habgood-Coote

Josh Habgood-Coote asks if authorship is an obstacle to recognising the division of labour in science

First Fully Functioning Superdeterministic Model | Elias Okon, Gerardo S Ciepielewski, and Daniel Sudarsky

Okon, Ciepielewski, and Sudarsky ask if the price of saving locality is too high

Correspondence Is Information | Marcin Miłkowski

Marcin Miłkowski on what makes similarity semantic

Why History Matters in Biology | Justin Garson

Justin Garson on the study of mechanisms and the study of history

Going Quantum with Chemistry’s Structures | Alexander Franklin and Vanessa Seifert

Alexander Franklin and Vanessa Seifert on whether interpretations of quantum mechanics can resolve the problem of molecular structure

Self-locating Beliefs Won’t Move Everett’s Mountain | Simon Friederich and Richard Dawid

Simon Friederich and Richard Dawid on whether rational self-locating belief solves the probability problem for Everettian quantum mechanics

Does Economics Need Micro-foundations? | Nadia Ruiz and Armin W Schulz

Nadia Ruiz and Armin W Schulz offer a complexity-based reconceptualization of the debate about micro-foundations in economics