BJPS articles, but shorter

Haecceitism, Rigid Designation, and Thermodynamic Equilibrium | Michael te Vrugt

Michael te Vrugt asks if exchanging two identical particles changes anything

How to Open Two Locks with One Key | Eddy Keming Chen

Eddy Keming Chen offers a new solution to the puzzles of time’s arrow and quantum ontology

Blurring the Line between Laws and Initial Conditions | Caspar Jacobs

Caspar Jacobs on what’s wrong with the pristine interpretation

Why ‘Not’? | Luca Incurvati and Giorgio Sbardolini

Luca Incurvati and Giorgio Sbardolini on the evolution of negation

On the Limits of Scientific Objectivity | Richard Healey

Richard Healey on whether there are objective facts in the quantum world

Tune in and Find Out | Florian J. Boge

Florian J Boge explains why it may be epistemically acceptable to tune models for experimental analysis

Models of Scientific Explanation and Inference to the Best Explanation | Yunus Prasetya

Yunus Prasetya on what substantive accounts of explanation say about IBE

Digital Humanities and the Philosophy of Science | Lean, Rivelli, Pence

Oliver Lean, Luca Rivelli, and Charles Pence on what philosophers learn from a ‘distant reading’ of science journals

Against Authorship | Josh Habgood-Coote

Josh Habgood-Coote asks if authorship is an obstacle to recognising the division of labour in science

First Fully Functioning Superdeterministic Model | Elias Okon, Gerardo S Ciepielewski, and Daniel Sudarsky

Okon, Ciepielewski, and Sudarsky ask if the price of saving locality is too high