The Lakatos Building

2016-2017 Upcoming Lectures

We are pleased to announce the new lecture series for 2016-2017 associated with the Ordinary Meetings of the BSPS. Lectures take place from 5:15-6:45pm in Room 2.06 of the Lakatos Building at LSE in central London. Each lecture is preceded by tea at 5pm. This year’s speakers are:

10 October 2016, Wendy Parker
“Scientific Modelling and Limits to the Value-Free Ideal”
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21 November 2016, Luke Fenton-Glynn
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16 January 2017, Marta Halina
“The role of values in animal cognition research”
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13 March 2017, Karim Thébault
“Cosmic Singularity Resolution via Quantum Evolution”
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12 June 2017, Heather Dyke
“Experience of Passage in a Static World”
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We hope to see you there!