Referee of the Year 2021

In news to absolutely no one, the effects of COVID and lockdowns are still being felt, and the evidence of which is writ large across the activities of this journal. Our inbox is full of requests for extensions (always granted!), with tales of exhaustion and stress and burnout (relatable!). All of which is to say that it is a remarkable testament to the collegiality and all-round good citizenship of our referees that in such difficult times they continue to contribute to the joint enterprise that is philosophy of science by providing us and our authors with their expert advice. As always, we salute you, anonymous heroes of good scholarship!

But in every generation, one is chosen… Our referee of the year for 2021 goes to Travis Norsen (Smith College), for agreeing to our numerous requests to review, for returning reports in an extremely timely fashion, and most of all for his careful and insightful guidance in those reports. We extend our gratitude to Travis for his remarkable contribution to our discipline.

For their services to the community, winners of our Referee of the Year award become lifetime honorary members of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science.