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Policy for grants in support of conferences

The British Society for the Philosophy of Science gives small grants to support conferences relevant to research and education in the logic, the methods and the philosophy of science, as well as those of the various special sciences, including the social sciences. Up to £1000 can be awarded as a contribution towards travel and subsistence costs for speakers. The Society favours open conferences. Normally, only those conferences taking place in the British Isles are eligible for funding. Letters of application should be sent to the Honorary Secretary of the Society (see below), and must set out the objectives of the conference and a detailed estimate of the costs. In publicity for conferences that are financially supported and in any publications arising from them, it is expected that the contribution of the Society will be acknowledged appropriately.

The Society has adopted the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme's recommendations. It is a requirement of BSPS funding that conference organisers follow the Scheme's Good Practice recommendations on conference organisation. These are available from: . If a proposed conference involves three or more keynote speakers none of whom are women, the Society will require a detailed assurance that the Scheme's recommendations have been followed before any award is made.

Conference organisers seeking financial support for meetings are asked to provide information to the Committee on the following points:

  1. The amount requested
  2. The topic of the meeting
  3. Whether it is exclusively a philosophy of science meeting
  4. The type of meeting
  5. The planned dates (inclusive)
  6. Expected number of participants
  7. Number of speakers, and where they are from
  8. Estimated total budget (please itemise)
  9. Estimated subsistence costs per day per person
  10. Whether there will be a registration fee
  11. Whether the meeting will be open to all or invitation only (if the latter, please explain)
  12. Which other bodies are to be approached for support, and for how much.
  13. If the meeting is not based in the British Isles, please make clear how this project will help enhance philosophy of science in the British Isles.

Please bear in mind the following points:

  1. The level of grant awarded is typically less than the maximum of £1000.
  2. Organizers of larger meetings are expected to make an effort to produce a volume, proceeds from whose publication would be used to help repay the grant.
  3. The BSPS Treasurer must receive, not more than three months after the meeting, a report of not more than one page. This should list the main speakers, their affiliations and the topics of their talks, report the number and status of the participants, and be accompanied by checked accounts.
  4. Applicants requesting conference grants are required to be members of the BSPS.

The Honorary Secretary, to whom applications for conference grants should be sent, is:

Dr Oliver Pooley
Oriel College
Oxford OX1 4EW