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BSPS Doctoral Scholarship Competition

The British Society for the Philosophy of Science plans to offer one or more scholarship in 2015 for doctoral work in the philosophy of science at a UK university. In previous years, the scholarships have covered fees and have also included a maintenance grant. Further details of the 2015 competition will be announced here in due course.


  • 2004 - Ulrich Stegmann, for his study of philosophy of biology, at King's College London.
  • 2005 - Elizabeth Hannon for her work in philosophy of biology and psychology, at the University of Durham.
  • 2006 - Dennis Lehmkuhl for his doctoral work in philosophy of physics at the University of Oxford.
  • 2007 - Stefan Dragulinescu for his work in the philosophy of medicine at Lancaster University and Chuanfei Chin for his work on the philosophical foundations of pain research at Oxford University.
  • 2008 – Andrew Goldfinch for his work on the foundations of evolutionary psychology at LSE and Elizabeth Irvine for her work on the scientific understanding of consciousness at Edinburgh University.
  • 2009 - Milena Ivanova for her work at Bristol on Structural Realism and Conventionalism, and to Katherine Puddifoot at Sheffield, who is working on debates about rationality in the philosophy of psychology and cognitive science.
  • 2010 - Matteo Colombo for his work at Edinburgh "Complying with Norms: An Exploration from Computational Cognitive Neuroscience”.
  • 2011 – Aarne Talman for his work at the LSE on confirmation and reliability of chaotic models and Lena Zuchowski for her work in Cambridge on theories at the edge of Laplacian determinism
  • 2012 – Sorana Vieru (Bristol) and Alexandru Marcoci (LSE)
  • 2014 - Tushar Menon (Oxford) and Carina Prunkl (Oxford)