BJPS Review of Books

Jablonka and Lamb, Inheritance Systems and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis // Reviewed by Pierrick Bourrat

Pierrick Bourrat reviews Inheritance Systems and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis by Eva Jablonka & Marion J Lamb

Duncan and Janssen, Constructing Quantum Mechanics // Reviewed by Jan Faye

Jan Faye reviews Constructing Quantum Mechanics, by Anthony Duncan & Michel Janssen

What Is a Complex System? Ladyman and Wiesner // Reviewed by David Kinney

David Kinney reviews ‘What Is a Complex System?’, by James Ladyman and Karoline Wiesner

Alastair Wilson, The Nature of Contingency // Reviewed by Baptiste Le Bihan

Baptiste Le Bihan reviews The Nature of Contingency, by Alastair Wilson

Kristin Andrews, How to Study Animal Minds // Reviewed by Irina Mikhalevich

Irina Mikhalevich reviews How to Study Animal Minds, by Kristin Andrews

Massimi & McCoy, Understanding Perspectivism // Reviewed by Jordi Cat

Jordi Cat reviews Understanding Perspectivism: Scientific Challenges and Methodological Prospects, edited by Michela Massimi and Casey D. McCoy