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BSPS Video Lecture: Parallel Universes

Is Schrödinger’s cat alive or dead? This thought experiment was devised to illustrate a fundamental puzzle in quantum mechanics. A radical solution is that the cat is both alive and dead, but in different, parallel universes. This is the ‘many-worlds interpretation’ of quantum mechanics and our panel of philosophers and physicists will discuss why it […]

New! Symposia at the 2018 BSPS Meeting in Oxford

Submission is now open for proposals for symposia to be presented at the BSPS 2018 meeting in Oxford on July 4th-6th 2018. The deadline for submitting symposium proposals is January 5th, 2018. Overview A symposium should involve several presenters, typically 3-4, organised around a topic of interest. Symposia may be on any topic in the […]

Registration Open for 2017 BSPS Conference in Edinburgh

Registration is now open for the BSPS conference in Edinburgh:   The Early Bird (discounted) registration deadline is 2 June 2017, and the final registration deadline is 30 June 2017. More information is available on the Conference Webpage. We look forward to seeing you there.

BSPS Video Lecture: Karim Thébault (Bristol), “Cosmic Singularity Resolution via Quantum Evolution”

Classical models of the universe generically feature a big bang singularity. That is, when we consider progressively earlier and earlier times, physical quantities stop behaving in a reasonable way. A particular problem is that physical quantities related to the curvature of spacetime become divergent. A long standing hope is that a theory of quantum gravity […]

2016-2017 Upcoming Lectures

We are pleased to announce the new lecture series for 2016-2017 associated with the Ordinary Meetings of the BSPS. Lectures take place from 5:15-6:45pm in Room 2.06 of the Lakatos Building at LSE in central London. Each lecture is preceded by tea at 5pm. This year’s speakers are: 10 October 2016, Wendy Parker “Scientific Modelling and […]

Cardiff Conference Registration

Conference registration is available for the 2016 BSPS annual conference, which will take place at Cardiff University. Members of the BSPS are invited to register and/or purchase inexpensive accommodation for the conference at the host university website.